4 Year-Old Preschool (School Readiness)
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      Early Childhood is a time of learning and growing! Our curriclulum focuses on hands-on and play-based learning. We play games, paint, do experiments, cook, play with blocks, pretend and much more. We are busy learning all the time! There may be times when your child is not bringing papers or projects home from school. It's OK!! This means that he/she was learning in other ways during that time.

      We base our lessons on the Read Together, Talk Together approach to language and literacy. Our weekly lessons will be based on a children's book. This book will be read daily in different ways. Our activities will relate to the book that is read. This increases children's vocabulary and comprehension, expressive language, ability to identify letter and sounds and expands their overall pre-reading and writing skills.
      The Parkers Prairie Early Childhood Collaborative provides early education for children. Our center based classroom includes children that are in School Readiness and Early Childhood Special Education programs.
      The School Readiness program serves children that are 4 by September 1 and who will enter Kindergarten the following year.

AM Session: 8:00-11:00

PM Session: 12:00-3:00

Teaching Staff:

Melisa Brever

Deanna Lipinski